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UI Testing

Turnkey User Interface Testing Services

No one gets a second opportunity to create a first impression in today's ultra-competitive software industry. A clean and appealing Graphical User Interface is critical for attracting and maintaining users. Our complete UI testing services package ensures that your online, mobile, or smart TV interface meets all technical requirements as well as customer pleasure.

Services For UI Testing:

Our user interface (UI) testing specialists test the following UI components.

Controls For Input:

This covers testing buttons, dropdown lists, list boxes, toggles, fields, and other elements.

Components Of Information:

All informative components, including icons, progress bars, message boxes, and forms, are validated and tested for accuracy and performance. This involves testing containers like accordions, sliders, carousels, hover elements, and so on.

Elements Of Navigation:

Breadcrumbs, sliders, tags, search fields, and pagination are evaluated for functionality and performance.

Web Application User Interface Testing:

Extensive cross-browser UI testing is required to develop intuitive web interfaces that perform as intended and provide a higher quality of experience under various conditions. Our online UI testing service covers the following methodologies, tools, and approaches for verifying:

Web controls and fundamental components' appearance, placement, and grouping

All pages should have the same style.

Colors should be used appropriately in links, backgrounds, and typefaces.

Proper typographic hierarchy and readability

Keyboard shortcuts are available.

Complying with web content accessibility guidelines

Grammar and spelling

Support for i18n and l10n user interface needs

Mobile App UI Testing:

Lower displays have a smaller margin of error, making mobile GUI testing difficult. Our QA professionals have over 12 years of expertise in delivering pixel-perfect apps. Some of the mobile UI aspects we evaluate on emulators and actual devices are as follows: Adaptation of the user interface to a broad range of screen sizes and resolutions

Operation is correct in both portrait and landscape modes.

The behavior of the virtual keyboard

Response to disruptions with grace (calls, messages, push notifications)

Notifications and progress indicators

Clarity and contrast in images

Consistency of color scheme

Scalability of the user interface and compliance with the criteria for zoomable user interfaces.

The Benefits Of Our Usability Testing Services:

End-To-End Testing Methodology:

Our UI and UX testers create and implement test cases utilizing both manual and automated testing methods.

Utilization Of Cutting-Edge Technology:

We utilize the most recent tool on the market to assess the performance of UI and UX under various stress scenarios.

Performance Enhancement:

Our UI and UX Testing services assist in reducing the time required to perform the specified intended activity and improving usability goals.